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Trying New Programs to Promote your Art!

Have you ever just been scrolling Instagram and seen one of those cool process videos and wanted to try it out yourself? Well you are in luck! Most of those neat, little, post altering apps are free to download an use from you platform's marketplace! (ie. Google Play store, Apple App Store.)

I had been seeing those awesome hyper-lapse videos of people creating an entire work of art in just minutes of viewing and wanted to try it out for myself. Like me you may be thinking; 'Oh man! I need a whole mini studio set-up with lighting and proper cameras to just get started on this type of thing!'. I'm hear to say, while that may be true, you really don't need anything fancy to get going!

I set up in my bedroom, which is pretty much where I am most comfortable when working on small pieces, laid out my drawing board and sketchbook and tried to keep my materials to just a mechanical pencil and markers. I decided to just keep my subject to a simple peony, because lets be real, at this point I can draw one of those in my sleep. I downloaded an app to make hyper-lapse videos specifically formatted for use with Instagram, and did a couple of test placements to see where the best lighting was and what angles would show the maximum amount of my drawing. For my purposes I just used my smart phone, and had it setting on top of a cardboard box at an angle.

Next came the actual drawing! It took me approximately 12 minutes to draw a fairly basic peony and color it in. That time resulted in a Hyper-lapse video of about 3 minutes (4x the speed), that broke into 3 swipe-able posts on my art Instagram account. I will note here that there was an option to upload it as a whole video with IGTV, but I opted for the 60 sec portions because I didn't want to have to send my viewers to a separate entity.

My over all experience went very well for a first time user of this process! I thought the drawing was decent, I was able to get a good amount of light and detail demonstrated, and the whole process took only about 30 minutes to complete form downloading to app to posting the finished post. I don't know about you all but it takes me at least twice that amount of time to come up with a decent selfie to post!

If you would like to know more about my process or what my exact set up was for this, feel free to comment or message me!

Here is a link to my posting on Instagram @recklesslyanxious:

Until next time!


*I was not paid to give this review, it was a genuine documentation of my experiences using a new process to make an engaging post on my personal art based Instagram account.*

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