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Taking Mental Health Breaks

If you are anything like me during these ever stressful times you are probably feeling extreme anxieties about the future. I personally deal with anxiety on a near daily basis and if you can't afford therapy (Which helps but can be very pricey!) you really need to take some time out of your busy schedule to repair and console yourself.

There are certainly many ways to do this, but here are some ways that I personally try to work with my anxiety and make the most out of my every day situations. Firstly I start off almost every morning with taking my dogs out (my pretty girl Spunk is featured above). This could be many different activities if you don't personally have dogs, you could just go for a little walk, sit on your porch or deck, or even just opening up all of your windows or curtains. I feel having a good connection to nature somehow is a great way to take a moment to feel normal and calm about the world around you. Also if you choose the morning walk routine, it is a great way to get your heart pumping and your brain actively taking in your surroundings!

Another great way to relive some of those anxieties is to take a moment to talk with friends. Even though we are ina pandemic and need to take precautions, it doesn't mean we have to fully isolate ourselves (Although if you feel sick, or have a fever please do isolate to protect your loved ones and those around you.), we can go to a park or large area and sit apart and wear our masks and still get that crucial sun exposure and human interactions, all while staying safe! We don't have to completely forget our friends in this time we just need to take a couple of extra steps so we can continue to see those people without the risk of loosing them.

Also take some time to 'TREAT YO SELF'! We can't be the best representation of ourselves if we don't take the time to give into some of those personal me time moments. These don't have to take all day either just some of your time and you will greatly benefit of it. Go take a bubble bath with that crazy bath bomb you got as a gift! Do a face mask while you are at it and tune into your favorite Spotify playlist to give yourself the maximum at home spa treatment. Take time to read that book that you have been meaning to get to since last year! Throw together that recipe you have been meaning to try and who cares if no one else eats it, the process is just for you, hun! You have to get into those little things that make you feel great so you can re-energize your mind and soul, not just your body.

Another part is to consider tuning out from your phone. I know this can be exceptionally hard in this time of mass technology, but some of the best days for me are ones that I don't check my phone at all or only in the morning and evening. We think we need to be connected at every second of every day, but we really don't. Growing up in the 90's I had terrible internet at home and had to call my friends on the landline or find a ride to be able to talk to them or hang out and it worked out just fine! Some times we really need that bit of disconnect to truly enjoy the experiences of life. You don't need to post your yummy meals to enjoy them. You don't need to record a whole concert to prove you were there, just listen and feel it. I guarantee you will have a less stressful day if you can just unplug for a few hours.

I hope this post can help some of you out there to manage your anxieties in this day and age and really try to get in touch with life and enjoy it!

Until next time!


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