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Working in a Pandemic...

I am sure many of you are dealing with the same issues I am having in regards to creativity during the pandemic. It just seems like no matter how long or how often we creatives sit down in the designated studio space, we just can't get anything out. Do worry you are not alone! During this pandemic, even with a plethora of time I personally have been feeling the most uninspired I have ever felt in my entire life. I currently have 4 started but not finished paintings and a small sketchbook filled with flower doodles. I am writing to say don't give up!

During this time I have found that experimentation is key! Have you wanted to try oils? Do it! Want to work on writing as opposed to drawing? Do it! I think using this time to explore other creative outlets and ideas is a magical and wonderful thing! It also could bring up new loves and passions for people who thought they may not be able to do such task and could further expand our creative minds. I personally have taken up baking in my spare time and it has turned out very fruitful! I can make a swiss roll cake to die for and am feeling more open to new learning experiences in general.

I guess what I am basically getting at with this blog post is to not feel discouraged! Everyone is going through a hard time and I think now is an excellent time to come together in an uncertain world and really let ourselves explore our needs and wants!

Now is a good time for changes, so lets get changing!

Until next time!


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