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And then there was Ink

After a very lovely but short vacation it is back to the grind.

I had all of my drawings done for the three piece flower panels i have been working on but that was just the beginning. Today was spent re-drawing everything with a waterproof pen and just getting lost in the lines.

I actually really enjoy the redrawing and inking process because its kind of like an editing phase. I don't really think about how its not going anywhere once I lay the ink down but more so what I feel like making stand out. I'd say only about 85% of my original drawings stay once inked. I want my end product to be more of a well defined, simplified version of my original sketchy drawing.

Along with the three panels I was also able to get some sketching for fun done by working on an octopus I had done a background for a couple of months ago. I like to mix it up going back and forth with this kind of stuff because I hate having to be serious with art all the time. It should be about the process too.

Until next time,


#woodpanels #acrylic #artshow #ink #sketchday

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